Recruiting Services

882692_10151482126619231_1916890141_oA job recruiter, also known as a headhunter, specializes in assisting corporate clients in their search for highly skilled professionals. While recruiters are often independent contractors, Headhunting Pros is an agency which employs several niche recruiters specializing in particular industries and, in some cases, specific locations .

Employers benefit from utilizing a headhunter in a couple of ways. The cost of placing an advertisement for a particular open position followed by screening through an inevitably long list of unfit candidates is eliminated. Corporations also save valuable time in the process as an experienced recruiter will handle the tedious word of finding and thoroughly screening potential candidates. In most cases, the headhunter or recruiting agency is paid a fee if and only if the right candidate is placed into the requested role with a figure generally amounting to a small percentage of the annual starting salary of the said position.

This fee arrangement encourages headhunters to build long lasting, trusted relationships with corporate clients. With each successful placement of a highly qualified candidate comes an increase in the likelihood of future requests for additional job placement opportunities. Employers and recruiting agencies alike gain equally from this liason, as do the qualified job seekers.

Working for corporate clients only makes up half of the headhunter’s job duties, while the other half is made up of working with job seekers to locate the most suitable role. Headhunting Pros encourages all job seekers to reach out to us as the majority of our available jobs are generally not posted on our website. The easiest way to contact us is to upload your resume and provide a brief background regarding your career path for consideration. Upon review, the recruiter with the skills most suitable for your industry will reach out to you within 24 hours of your submission. The following steps will generally consist of a consultation, skills assessment, and application submission to potential employers.

In some cases, the recruiter requests that the fee is paid up front by the hired recruiter rather than the employing company. Job seekers should always clarify with the headhunter who will be paying for the service (Headhunting Pros does not charge any fees for headhunting services, although we may charge a fee for the time spent on amending resumes that are not quite up to par).

Job seekers that do not explore all resources available (such as utilizing a recruiting service) are often doing themselves a disservice; recruiters often hold positions available that are not listed on common job sites. We stand behind all of our potential job seekers, providing a warm introduction prior to any job interview, often leaving the hiring manager more than excited to meet our candidates.