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How the resume service works:

1. You fill out the form on the right to sign up including fields requesting basic information about your employment history (filling this out should take you about five minutes) and upload your existing resume. 

2. We will give you a call for your consultation to discuss your credentials and career goals in addition to your suitability for any current positions that we have available that are a match for your credentials.

3. Within one business day we send you a draft for you to review based on the information provided in the online form and the consultation.

4.  We make the edits you send to us and provide you with a final copy of your resume in both word and pdf format, and submit your resume into our searchable employer database (if requested). 


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Our Guarantee

  • We will contact you within 24 hours for your initial consultation
  • You will receive your improved resume for review within 24 hours of your initial consultation
  • We will significantly increase your employability with your new resume and cover letter, thus opening the door for new positions and higher wages
  • We will work hard to find the position that you are looking for